About Us

We are two avid travelers who are willing to go anywhere and try anything. We travel not just for fun but we travel to live. During our adventures to 45+ (…and counting) countries, we have discovered many items that not only make the travel experience more fun, but are also extremely helpful. Our goal is to share those with you and help you achieve more comfort when on the road.

While globetrotting, we have discovered that the adventure in travel is not just the destination itself, but the entire journey as well. We place high value on comfort and ease of travel. We have made it a point to travel with carry-on luggage only…we leave the giant suitcases at home! Being a minimalist when travelling is not only less burdensome, but also so much cheaper…and you don’t have to worry about lost bags!

Our site is a work in progress, we continue to look for items and ways to improve our and your travel experiences. Keep checking for updates on products and travel suggestions.

No journey is too long or too short to insist on comfort.